Cycling pair complete 250-mile Vado Velo challenge in aid of Kenyan charity

Vado Velo for African Children’s Fund
Simon and Luke from the Acorn Property Group have completed the Vado Velo for African Children's Fund. Photo: Twitter/AcornPG

Simon and Luke from the Acorn Property Group have completed their 3-day Vado Velo cycling challenge covering 250 miles from Calais to Reims, raising just over £2k for Kenyan charity African Children’s Fund in the process.

The pair, along with the 48 other riders, were fundraising to support six schools located just outside the Kenyan town of Thika.

Speaking before starting on their epic cycle, Luke said: “The town itself is bustling and there is clearly opportunity for people if they have a decent start in life. However, with many of the parents working all hours on the farms in the countryside they often need the children at home, regardless of age, to help picking coffee beans or tending the land. Most families only have the land to survive and have the most basic of provisions – a hut to shelter in and a scarce amount of food. The schools themselves and the teachers are funded by the government, but no meals are provided and often clothes are donated, and books are handed down.”

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