British wildlife charity fundraising to help save Kenya’s Grevy’s Zebra population from drought

Marwell Wildlife Kenya zebra hay
Marwell Wildlife are fundraising to buy 500 bales of hay.

Hampshire based Marwell Wildlife have launched a fundraising appeal to help save Northern Kenya’s endangered Grevy’s zebras during the ongoing drought by providing urgently needed supplementary hay.

 Following a thorough assessment of the forage and water situation, working closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), permission has been granted to provide much needed supplementary feeding in several locations in South Horr in Northern Kenya.

This should prevent the animals from losing body condition which can lead to an increased susceptibility to disease or even death.

Working with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, the charity are hoping to raise £7,000 to buy 500 bales of hay and transfer them on lorries to the remote areas that desperately need it as well as covering other costs such as paying for local scouts to store, distribute and regularly monitor the hay along with its intake by Grevy’s zebra and other wildlife.

To support this fundraising initiative, please visit the Marwell Wildlife JustGiving page.

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