Kate Humble reveals disturbing experience in Kenya during newspaper interview

Kate Humble Extreme Wives Kenya
Kate Humble explored the custom of woman-to-woman marriage in Kenya for the BBC series Extreme Wives. Photo: BBC

Wildlife presented Kate Humble has recalled being threatened while filming in Kenya during an interview in The Mail.

The 50-year-old BBC presenter has spent her career travelling most of the known world, including a 2,000-mile odyssey across the Pacific and investigating the shepherds of Afghanistan.

Discussing highs and lows of her career, she revealed a distressing incident while working in Kenya. 

“I was filming in Kenya a couple of years ago and someone threatened to kill me – they had spears and everything,” she told Audience and Content Editor Tom Murphy.

She also revealed a much more pleasant encounter in neighbouring Tanzania:

“I remember hitching a lift in Tanzania on my first ever journey, and getting picked up by a truck filled with workers. They missed my turning and I suddenly felt very vulnerable – there were 15 blokes and me. When I told the driver, he looked absolutely stricken, and said ‘I’m so sorry, you must have been so scared’. I said I hadn’t been – a lie – and would walk back, but he wouldn’t hear of it, flagged down a taxi, and paid.”

To read the full article, please visit The Mail website.

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