Jane Marriott asks what the focus for the High Commission should be during her tenure

Jane Marriott
Jane Marriott

The day after presenting her credentials to President Kenyatta, Jane Marriott has introduced herself to Kenya through an online video in which she reiterates the UK’s support in the fight against corruption and asks what viewers think the focus for the British High Commission should be over the next few years.

She began her address by revealing that she has visited Kenya a couple of times before and is ‘delighted’ to be back and spending the next few years of her life here.

“Our two countries have got very good close historic ties for both good and bad and our linkages are absolute whether we’re talking about economics, trade and investment, whether we’re talking about our security partnership, or tackling new generational challenges, such as climate change,” she said. 

Video: Twitter/UKinKenya

Ms Marriott, the UK’s first female High Commissioner to the country, went on to reiterate the British government’s support for Kenya’s agenda to tackle corruption and ended by asking viewers what they think the focus for the work of the High Commission should be during her tenure.

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