Hampshire students return from volunteering trip to Kenya

Brockenhurst College in Kenya
Brockenhurst College students at the Melon Mission. Photo: Facebook/YouniqueTravelAdventures

Sixteen first and second year A Level and Vocational students, two staff and two volunteers from Brockenhurst College have returned home after spending ten days at a charitable school in Kenya in partnership with Swindon based Younique Travel Adventures (YTA).

July’s trip was the climax of an extra-curricular ‘Enrichment’ project and part of the College’s links with Melon Mission School and Little Kings Nursery.

The team raised a total of £5,800 which was used to fund an IT project and provide extra equipment and resources for the two schools.

Many of the 450 Nakuru street children who attend Melon Mission School are orphans, and come a severely deprived area of the city.

To equip the children with the skills needed for 21st Century careers, the students spent £3,000 from the money they had raised, commissioning the IT learning facility which includes a new classroom, teacher training and Wi-Fi internet access using 12 old laptop computers donated by Brockenhurst College.

Further funds were spent at Little Kings Nursery, which cares for 50 infants, on renovating buildings and entertaining the children. After paying a local tradesman to render the outside of the building, the students painted the exterior and added numbers and letters to the walls. 

They also cleared the playground of weeds, erected a perimeter fence and put up a suggestion box.

The students then ran educational workshops for the youngsters, covering important areas such as hygiene, literacy and numeracy and handed out 500kg of clothes, sports kits, sanitary protection, household equipment, medical supplies and learning materials which were brought over in 12 suitcases.

The travel, accommodation and food costs of the trip were funded by the students themselves, with donated funds totalling £5,800 coming from a series of events including quiz nights, toy and book sales, and a fundraising party.

An extra £100 per head was donated to the project by the charitable arm of  YTA  in the form of cashback from each participants’ travel fee.

As well as adding content to the students’ UCAS university applications, their participation in both the trip and wider initiative has given the teenagers evidence of success for their developing CVs.

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