DfID ready to appoint Isiolo county co-ordinator to liaise with county government and the development partners

DfID in Isiolo
The UK’s DfID and development partners met with the Isiolo County government. Photo: Isiolo Governor’s Press Office

In a meeting last week with Isiolo Governor H.E Dr Mohamed Kuti, the Department for International Development (DfID) discussed how to better co-ordinate UK funded projects in the county.

The talks came a week after US Ambassador Kyle McCarter assured the Governor of USAID’s Partnership for Resilience and Economic Growth (PREG) in the county.

Development partners implementing various projects in Isiolo, including the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK), Coffey, and Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).

The Governor told the meeting that through USAID’s strong partnership with the County Government, there had been great improvement of road network in Isiolo. He added that his administration is committed in ensuring that most of the projects will be completed by 2021.

He added that remarkable progress has been observed in the construction work at Isiolo Ultramodern three–storey market, abattoir and offices at the county headquarters.

DfID in Isiolo
BATUK will be supporting the construction of Garendare bridge. Photo: Isiolo Governor’s Press Office

DFID team leader Ben Fisher clarified that they are ready to appoint a co-ordinator in Isiolo county who will act as a liaison between the county government and the development partners in order to ensure there is proper coordination during the implementation of projects.

One outcome from last Tuesday’s discussions was confirmation that the construction of Garendare bridge in Ondonyiro will be facilitated by the Isiolo county government and BATUK.

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