Portishead business owner returns from latest charity trip to Kenya

Solelution in Kenya
British businesswoman Tanya Marriott fits a donated pair of shoes onto the feet of a lucky Kenyan pupil during a visit in January 2018. Photo: Facebook/Solelution

Portishead and Clifton business owner Tanya Marriott, who runs SoleLution shoe shops in Portishead and Clifton, has returned from her second journey of the year to the Jolaurabi School near Mombasa. While there, she helped to fit good as new shoes which were donated by her customers to under privileged children.

Using money raised by this year’s Easter trail, a family treasure hunt style competition that Tanya organised in Portishead High Street, she has also purchased stationery and school books for the students.

Tanya, along with her family and friends, have been supporting students at the school since she first made links with a charity called Educate The Kids in 2017. In 2018, they supplied over 300 pairs of shoes for the Kenyan children.

Educate the Kids also organise an annual fundraising tour across the UK by a choir from the Jolaurabi School with the latest beginning this week in Dundee.

For anyone wishing to donate any unwanted shoes, there are collection points in store at the SoleLution shops and for each pair of school shoes in wearable condition that are given in to the shop, SoleLution gives a £1 voucher towards a new pair of school shoes purchased at the shop.

If you would like to support Tanya and her fellow volunteers by helping to cover the cost of their flights to and from Kenya, you can do so via her JustGiving page.

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