UK government updates travel advice for Kenya to include information about forthcoming census

Kenya Census 2019

The British government has updated the local laws and customs section of its travel advice to include information on the Kenyan population census which begins on 24 August 2019. Visitors, including foreign national tourists, may be asked to participate.

This updated information reads:

The ten-yearly Kenyan census will be carried out from the night of 24 August until 31 August 2019. Official Census takers, carrying relevant identification, will visit households across the country to collect information including family size, age, sex, religion and occupation. All Kenyans resident in the country are required to participate. Non-Kenyans, including UK nationals, in Kenya during this period may be asked to participate. This applies to tourists staying in hotels. If you have concerns about the identity of the individual or individuals representing themselves as Census takers, you should consult hotel staff or your tour operator and, if necessary, contact local authorities. More information on the Census is available on the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics website.

For the latest travel advice for Kenya, please check the UK government website.

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