British expat alleges he was a victim of police corruption in Kenya on UK television programme

Young Dumb and Banged Up In The Sun Kenya
British expat Eddie spent 11 days in a Kenyan jail after an altercation with a local club owner who he says he was falsely accused of attacking. Photo: 5Star

A British expat has alleged he was a victim of police corruption in Kenya after being sent to a prison ‘rife with HIV’ for a crime he didn’t commit on last night’s 5Star programme “Young, Dumb and Banged Up In the Sun”.

22-year-old Londoner Eddie Clough, revealed during the third episode of the second series how he was enjoying a night out with his boss while working in Nairobi when an altercation with a club owner landed him in jail. 

Eddie had previously fallen in love with the country during a 10-week volunteering trip and returned to Kenya in order to build a business, but within days he began dealing cars after meeting a man he refers to as his ‘boss’.

Business quickly took off and Eddie was enjoying a large salary and the party lifestyle that went with it.

“I was earning more than I do now in London,” he said. “I was mixing with Kenya’s elite, big businessmen, land barons, politicians. Just enjoying life, while doing some work.”

However, his affluent lifestyle came to an abrupt end after a bizarre altercation over a bill with a night club owner. 

Speaking on the television programme, Eddie said he had gone out for dinner and drinks with his boss, but at the end of the night, his boss went to query the bill with the owner of the club they were dinning at. When the conversation turned sour, Eddie says he was prompted Eddie to intervene in an effort to ‘ease the situation.’ 

Eddie claims the aggravated club owner used indults and racial slurs against him before trying to lock Eddie’s arms behind his back.

But after the Londoner called on his rugby experience to free himself, he claims police armed with AK47s arrived on the scene to take him away.

“You got no choice but to go out quietly, to keep your mouth shut, basically,” Eddie said.  

“At this point the club owner walked out, looking quite smug at me getting arrested, like he sort of had it planned,” he added.

Eddie was sent to a small local prison, where he says he had his passport taken away and claims he was not offered a solicitor, nor charged with any crime.

Initially, he says he didn’t worry and was sure the ordeal would only be temporary.

He also claims the guards were on his side and acknowledged his innocence, telling him “we know you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just protocol, we have to do this”.

However, when new officers came for him, Eddie found himself sharing a cell with 20 other men in terrible conditions.

“The toilets had obviously never been cleaned, it was just a latrine trench in the corner of the room, completely piled up and matted with human waste,” he said. 

“It’s completely disgusting. You’ve got mites biting you and things like that.”

Young Dumb and Banged Up In The Sun Kenya
Eddie says he was innocent of the crime he was accused of. Photo: 5Star

Still unaware why he was being held, Eddie began to fear the worst when his boss visited him and said “things might go bad” and discovered that the club owner was trying to have him charged for wounding with intent. If he was found guilty, he belived he would be sent to Kamiti high security prison.

Eddie describes Kamiti as “arguably the worst in the world. Completely over-crowded, rife with HIV, the worst conditions anyone could ever live in”.

Eddie, who has always maintained his innocence, said he began to panic feeling he was being set up.  

“I had no part in any injury that he sustained. My theory is that he cut himself to try and get me ‘done’,” he said.  

‘”I was completely at his mercy, completely being framed. I was crying, sitting there on my own, crying,” he said, adding that “the anticipation of ‘what’s gonna happen next’ was killing (him).”

After 11 days spent in jail, Eddie was eventually freed in exchange for an apology letter and £700.

“When you’re innocent and held against your will like that, you have got no choice whatsoever,” Eddie said, but rather than dwell on his experience, he decided to forget about the club-owner and to enjoy a ‘frosty beer’ and a bath as soon as he got out of prison.  

“Young, Dumb and Locked Up In The Sun” (Series 2, Episode 3) is available on the My5 website and using the app in the UK, but a VPN will be required to watch in Kenya.

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