Maisha Foundation fundraising to build water borehole system in Kenya

Maisha Foundation Village
Maisha Foundation Village will be based on a 6 acre plot approximately 25km away from Nanyuki. Photo: Facebook

Maisha Foundation chairman Alun Roberts from Frome, is fundraising to build a water borehole system in Kenya.

The charity was founded in 2011 by three volunteers with a £300 investment and has helped Kenyan children with the aim of equipping communities with the skills to support themselves over the last eight years.  

For their latest project, called the Maisha Foundation Village, the charity have managed to secure a 6 acre plot approximately 25km away from Nanyuki, which is the nearest town.

The area has been identified as needing NGO intervention as there are no schools or health facilities around.  Most families home teach their own children, transport links are severely limited and the majority food consumed is home grown but severely dependent on seasonal rainfall. With proper education, good health and good living conditions, the project hopes to help less privileged children get into a position where in due course they will be able to support themselves and reduce the vicious cycle of poverty they are currently trapped in.

The project has three key long term goals:

1. Children’s Home / Orphanage
2. Primary School and Pre-School Nursery
3. Medical Training and Community Centre

All of these require a Water Borehole System. With a borehole in place, the charity will be able to generate their own funds to cover building fees through means such as farming and distributing enough water to the community for a very small donation to cover their day to day requirements of cooking, washing, bathing and their own farming needs as their sole method of income.

To donate to The Maisha Foundation in aid of the water borehole system project, visit their GoFundMe page.

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