York plastic recycling collection points set up to support UK based Kenyan charity

Chaffinch Charity Kenya
One of the Chaffinch supporters visits some of the children the charity helps. Photo: Facebook/Chaffinch

A woman from York is calling on fellow residents in the city to recycle plastic to help fundraise for her Kenyan charity which supports children living in poverty.

In 2014, 35 year old Sarah Woods, from Acomb in York set up the charity Chaffinch, which aims to provide education opportunities for children living in Kibera, after working at various charities in Nairobi.

She has subsequently launched a number of different initiatives to help provide healthcare costs and home equipment to families in the Kibera slum.

The charity has helped make a real difference for people living in Kibera by providing funding to give children up to three meals today at school as well as getting many more into education.

Now, they are operating a recycling centre in York so that any pieces of plastic that are hard to recycle, mainly plastics, can be donated and sold on to Terracycle, a company that recycles this waste. 

Recycle collection points are at Foxwood Community Centre, St Stephen’s Church and St Aiden’s Church. For more information please visit the Chaffinch website. : chaffinch.org.uk or facebook.com/chaffinch.org

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