Vodafone Group CEO sees impact of Instant Network Schools in Kakuma refugee camp

Nick Read in Kakuma refugee camp
Vodafone CEO Nick Read sees the impact of Vodafone’s Instant Network Schools initiative during a visit to Kakuma refugee camp. Photo: LinkedIn/Vodafone

Following his visit to the M-Pesa Foundation Academy, Vodafone Group CEO Nick Read joined the UNHCR, Safaricom and the Vodafone Foundation in Kakuma refugee camp to meet some of the 83,500 refugee students and 500 teachers who have benefitted from the company’s Instant Network Schools initiative.

Instant Network Schools aim to provide access to technology, the internet and educational content to enhance the quality of education available for students living in refugee camps in countries where Vodafone operates.

Connecting classrooms to the internet providing connectivity, power, tablet computers, mobile content and teacher training, the programme provides previously remote and isolated communities with access to a wealth of educational content and resources. The Vodafone Foundation believes that this link to the outside world can be a “game changer” for education programmes in refugee camps and will be critical for the long-term future of those children and their communities.

In Kenya, the programme supports 15 school in Dadaab in addition to 4 schools, a community centre and a teacher training facility in Kakuma.

The UNCR says there are 70.8 million people around the world who have been forced from their homes as a result of conflict or persecution. Among these people, there are nearly 25.9 million refugees who have been forced to cross borders, over half of whom are under the age of 18.

Across the globe, UNHCR estimates that half of the 3.5 million refugee children of primary school-age do not attend school but by working with UNHCR, the Vodafone Foundation’s Instant Network Schools programme has been able to provide access to technology, the internet and educational content which enhances the quality of education for students living in refugee camps.

Chosen in conjunction with UNHCR, the Vodafone supported M-Pesa Foundation Academy has admitted nine refugee students, with five coming from Kakuma in Northern Kenya.

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