Serengeti – Episode 5

Kali and her cub walking away from fire
Kali and her cub walking away from fire. Photo: BBC

The dry season is now upon the animals of the Serengeti, the toughest of times for some but a food bonanza for others. The increasing drought turns the waterhole into a death trap for the herds, but for the lions it’s a gift – and Kali and her cubs are finally able to enjoy life back in the heart of the pride. 

Jasari and his wild-dog family are under siege from Zalika and her hyena clan, so they must train their pups to fight back if they are going to survive.

The black-maned male lions return and kill two cubs from Zalika’s clan, but this is just the start of their murderous campaign.

Bakari the baboon is living in exile from the troop, but spies the leader bullying his adopted baby. When a huge storm ignites a devastating fire, the wild dogs are separated from their pups and struggle to save them. When it threatens the troop, Bakari returns to save the baby.

The black-maned lions attack the pride and Kali is once again forced to flee for her life.

As the fire takes hold and the tinder dry Serengeti is consumed by flames, who will survive, and how will the land ever recover?

Serengeti is scheduled for broadcast tonight (1 August) at 8pm (UK time) on BBC1.

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