Nic Hailey discusses his time in Kenya on KTN’s Checkpoint

Nic Hailey and Sophia Wanuna
Nic Hailey speaks to Sophia Wanuna about his time in Kenya. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

On Sunday, outgoing British High Commissioner Nic Hailey appeared for a final time on KTN’s Checkpoint show where he was interviewed by Sophia Wanuna about trade, corruption and partnerships between the UK and Kenya.

He shared his memorable moments in Kenya and used his appearance to assure Kenyans of the UK’s continued commitment to the UK-Kenya trade partnership post-Brexit and the ongoing war against corruption.

Discussing corruption, Mr Hailey said that dealing with it is what matters for ordinary Kenyans and the campaign against corruption is so important.

“The whole system has to work together for convictions to take place,” he said. “We have done training and capacity building with the judicial system and brought in investigators, prosecutors and judges for them to build a good case based on evidence,” he added.

The High Commissioner confirmed that money from corruption is “being stashed away by people,” but convictions are needed in Kenya so the British government can bring the money back to the East African country.

He went on to explain the Framework for the return of assets from corruption and crime in Kenya. Signed between the UK and Kenya in 2018, the framework will help ensure stolen funds are returned and used to benefit Kenyans.

Mr Hailey said that President Kenyatta has “appointed some serious people [in the fight against corruption]… but the cases have to move forward”, reiterating his previous call for those charged with corruption to step aside to allow a fair and thorough investigation to take place.”

“It’s a democracy. Wananchi have the right to vote out corrupt leaders”

Nic Hailey speaking on KTN’s ‘Checkpoint’ Show

Speaking about the future trading relationship post Brexit, Mr Hailey said that whatever happens once the UK leaves the European Union, there will be no disruption to trade and Kenya will maintain duty and quota free access to British markets for anything except weapons.

Following his appearance, Mr Hailey thanked Sophia Wanuna for having him on the show.

“I leave Kenya with many unforgettable memories, inspired by this country’s potential and optimistic about the future,” he added.

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