Nic Hailey launches 2 new UK funded programmes to support more people with disabilities into employment

Nic Hailey disability programme launch
Nic Hailey launches 2 new UK funded disability programmes. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

A year on from the Global Disability Summit, which was co-chaired by the UK and Kenya, outgoing High Commissioner Nic Hailey and Department for International Development (DfID) Country Head Julius Court, in collaboration with the Kenyan Government, hosted an event to celebrate the achievements the country has made towards disability inclusion and to reflect on what more needs to be done.

A panel discussion looked at the achievements since the summit and reflected on how much further is needed to go to ensure no one is left behind in the journey of disability inclusion.

Mr Hailey said that despite said that the High Commission would remain very committed to the goals of the summit as will he, even when he has left his current post.

“I’m proud that, with the Kenyan Government, we were able to host the first disability summit in the world and change the conversation on disability in Kenya. The UK remains committed to leaving no one behind,” he said at the event.

Mr Hailey also launched 2 new UK funded programmes that will support more people with disabilities into employment, and help more employers access a new pool of talent for their businesses.

The two new programmes, Innovation to Inclusion (i2i) and Inclusion Works! are being supported through Leonard Cheshire and SightSavers respectively. They will help break down the barriers that have curtailed access to various opportunities for persons with disabilities.

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