After visiting Kenya, Anna Friel says she can see herself relocating to Africa in the future

Anna Friel in Marcella
Anna Friel in Marcella.

British actress Anna Friel has said that she can see herself living in Africa “one day” during an interview with the Telegraph newspaper.

Discussing how instead of a 40th birthday party she spent time in Africa, the Marcella star said:

“I went on a safari with my daughter, Gracie, instead. I spent time in Virunga National Park [in the Democratic Republic of the Congo] for a WWF campaign to stop an oil company drilling and threatening the habitat of the last remaining mountain gorillas. So far in Africa, I’ve been to the Congo, Uganda, Botswana, and Kenya. It’s probably my favourite continent. I can see myself living there one day.”

The actress also reveals how she has a ‘magnetic attraction’ to Canada and what the most relaxing place she has visited is as well as discussing her ‘no-phone rule’ while on holiday with her daughter.

She also recalls hanging out with orang-utans in Borneo, a childhood on the French Riviera and names the Crafty Baa in Windermere as her favourite UK pub.

To read the full interview, please visit the Telegraph website (£).

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