Birmingham’s Karibu Coffee House introduce muhogo chips and kachumbari to their menu

Karibu Coffee House

For those in the UK longing for a taste of East Africa, Birmingham’s Karibu Coffee House have introduced Muhogo Chips (Fried African root vegetable (cassava) with kachumbari (tangy tomato and onion salad) to their menu.

Muhogo is an East African street food favourite, often enjoyed at the beach during weekends.

Muhogo (Cassava) is also a healthier alternative to potato chips as it is rich in protein and vitamin K.

Karibu Coffee House is run by married couple Majid and Azmina Mandania who moved to Birmingham from Tanzania two years ago with their children.

Karibu Coffee House
Karibu coffee house owners Majid and Azmina Mandania.

According to Karibu Coffee House, their menu options provide customers with an authentic African experience in the UK.

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