Nic Hailey meets Najib Balala to discuss ways to increase tourism numbers from the UK

Najib Balala and Nic Hailey
Najib Balala and Nic Hailey met to discuss increasing tourist numbers from the UK. Photo: Twitter/Min_TourismKE

On Tuesday, Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Najib Balala hosted outgoing British High Commissioner Nic Hailey at his office.

The pair discussed how to increase British visitors to Kenya from its current position as the country’s 4th biggest tourism market.

In 2018, tourists from the UK numbered 184,002 (9.09%) behind the USA (225,157 / 11.12%), Tanzania (212,216 / 10.48%) and Uganda (204,082 / 10.08%).

Tourist numbers increased in Kenya during 2018 due to a number of factors including the lifting of UK and US travel advisories, improved security situation and political stability.


Between 2017 – 2018, tourism receipts rose 31.26 percent with Europe the largest non-African market with 611,969 visitors in 2018 (30.22%).

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