Saddleworth WI supporting Kenyan charity underwear campaign

Smalls for All Kenya
Some of the children supported by Smalls for All. Photo: Facebook/Smalls for All

Members from the Saddleworth branch of the Women’s Institute are calling on members to donate old bras to support a campaign by Scottish based charity Smalls for All which collects and distributes underwear to help women and children in Kenya.

From now until August the WI members are donating their old brassieres with an option to buy a pack of black panties. 

The underwear collection coincides with the August 7 visit of Saddleworth WI’s guest speaker, Darcy Browne, who will be talking about her work last summer which she spent helping to educate Kenyan villagers. She will explain how the underwear collected offers the women in developing countries dignity and level of safety around sexual assault.

Smalls for All supports children living in orphanages as well as anyone living in slums, refugee camps, schools and undergoing hospital treatment for medical conditions like obstetric fistula.

Operating from the UK and support people and charitable organisations working on projects in Africa who are able to transport and distribute the pants and bras they collect.  

As well as sending underwear to Kenya, items have also been sent to many other African countries including neighbouring Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania.

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