World Land Trust launches Kenyan forest appeal

Sokoke Scops Owl
Sokoke Scops Owl. Photo: World Land Trust

World Land Trust has launched a new appeal where it is appealing to supporters to purchase and protect 810 acres of threatened forest in Kenya’s Dakatcha Woodland.

The coastal forest in Kilifi county, is currently unprotected and is home to globally threatened species and is the only known breeding site of the Clarke’s Weaver.

The endangered Sokoke Scops Owl and Sokoke Pipit also rely on the internationally recognised Important Bird Area (IBA) and many familiar European passerines, such as Golden Oriole, winter in the forest. In addition, the rare Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew resides in the region and supplies multiple local communities with food and other resources.

The Dakatcha forest, which has been identified as a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) and Important Bird Area (IBA) is threatened by illegal charcoal production, hunting, uncontrolled pineapple farming and the constant threat of deforestation. It currently has no official protection, but for every £100 donation, World Land Trust’s Kenyan partner – Nature Kenya – can purchase an acre of the forest.

£50 will save half an acre, £25 a quarter of an acre and once all 810 acres of wildlife-rich woodland are under the ownership of Nature Kenya, work can begin to designate Dakatcha as a nature reserve

To support this fundraising initiative, please visit the World Land Trust website.

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