BATUK goes a fair-way towards bringing communities together during golf competition

BATUK golf club v KSGS
4 of the BATUK Golf society (BGS) team who played the Kenya Senior Golf Society at NSC Golf club. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

The British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) Golf society (BGS) held a Community Engagement Competition, against the Kenya Senior Golf Society (KSGS) at Nanyuki Sports Club Golf course on Sunday 9 June to help join the two golfing communities together.

Teeing off at 0900hrs, 16 members of BGS and 4 members of KSGS took part in the “Match Play” competition hosted and organised by the BGS Golf Captain, Staff Sergeant Rob Humphreys.

The 16 BGS members that took part (including 4 from the newly formed BGS ladies’ team), were matched up in 10 teams of 2, in order to have 4 ball competition against the KSGS.

During a very competitive competition, each team result had an effect on the eventual outcome of the competition. 

The competition ended in 4 wins for BATUK, 4 wins for KSGS and 2 draws, meaning the final outcome was an overall draw.

BATUK golf club v KSGS
Staff Sergeant Humphreys presents the winning team trophy to the John Cocaine, the Captain of the KSGS. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

Staff Sergeant Humphreys spoke to all attending golf societies and in a goodwill gesture, presented the winning team trophy to the Captain of the KSGS (John Cocaine).

KSGS will host BGS for a rematch BATUK at the end of July at one of the prestige golf courses in Nairobi.

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