Anglican Church of Kenya tackling food and plastic waste

Plastic shopping bag

Through the Anglican Development Services (ADS), the Anglican Church of Kenya’s (ACK) development wing have been working on tackling the issue of food securityin the country.

Food waste is a real problem in Kenya with the country’s National Bureau of Statistics reporting growers lost over 1.9 million tonnes of food in 2017, worth around £1.2 billion. 

Speaking to the Anglican Alliance, Nicholas Pande, Project Officer at the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa said that “every year, Kenya loses about a third of the food it produces through post-harvest losses and food wastage by consumers who buy more than they need”. 

The Anglican Church of Kenya is trying to build the capacity of communities by training them in post-harvest management and storage. As well as trying to reduce the produce destroyed by rodents and lost through poor handling, the Church has been promoting the use of a particular type of storage bag that is recommended for storing maize. This protects if from being affected by aflatoxin, a toxin produced by fungi due to exposure to moisture.

Farmers are also receiving training on sustainable agronomic practices and food preservation.

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