New fundraising book hits Amazon bestseller list

Angela Peart
Angela Peart with a copy of ‘When She Rises’. Photo: Facebook

A new book, whose proceeds are being donated to a Kenyan charity, has become an Amazon bestseller just hours after its release.

Angela Peart’s personal story saw her escape a violent relationship, recover from throat cancer and build a career out of inspiring women in a man’s world before becoming a published author.

Her story is included in her new book entitled ‘When She Rises’, which also shares the stories of eleven other women, including a survivor of a terrorist attack, a woman who had experienced domestic abuse, another who lived with several disorders and a lady who dealt with physical and emotional abuse.

Just hours after its release, it become an Amazon bestseller which is great news for Kenyan charity One Women at a Time which works to improve the lives of women and girls severely disadvantaged by social or economic circumstances. The charity also works with women in India and the UK. 

The book, which includes Angela’s story is available on the Amazon website for £11.99 in paperback or £6.99 for the Kindle edition.

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