DIT’s Catherine Vaughan meets KenInvest and visits One Stop Center during Kenya visit

Catherine Vaughan with Pius Rotich
DIT Director General Catherine Vaughan with KenIvest General Manager Pius Rotich. Photo: Twitter/KenInvest

Yesterday, the UK Department for International Trade’s Director General and Chief Operating Officer Catherine Vaughan held talks with the Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest), the government agency that markets Kenya as a preferred investment destination.

The discussions focused on areas of increased collaboration in attracting and growing investment & trade into Kenya.

Catherine Vaughan at KenInvest
Catherine Vaughan at KenInvest. Photo: Twitter/KenInvest

Among the topics covered was the upcoming UK-Africa Investment Summit scheduled to take place in January 2020 which will bring together UK and African governments, alongside major international investors to increase awareness of investment opportunities in the continent.

Catherine Vaughan at KenInvest
Discussions focused on areas of increased collaboration in attracting and growing investment and trade into Kenya. Photo: Twitter/KenInvest

Ms. Vaughan also took the opportunity to visit the KenInvest One Stop Center and called on British investors to take advantage of the services offered at the facility.

Catherine Vaughan at KenInvest
Catherine Vaughan toured KenInvest’s One Stop Center. Photo: Twitter/KenInvest

The One Stop Center provides a wide range of pre-investment facilitation services including assistance in obtaining any necessary licenses and permits; assisting in obtaining incentives or exemptions under the Income Tax Act, the Customs and Excise Act, the Value Added Tax Act or other legislation; providing information to investors on the business climate, operating rules, investment opportunities and sources of capital; and liaison with other government agencies for the issuance of additional licenses and approvals not directly handled by the Authority.

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