‘Totally unfit’ mother-of-two preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Kenyan orphanage

Heidi Nathan in the Gambia
Heidi Nathan (centre) and Debbir Miles during their trip to the Gambia. Photo: Facebook/Heidi-Anne Nathan

50-year-old Heidi Nathan from Earls Colne, is planning to tackle Africa’s highest peak after being inspired to help African children following a visit to the Gambia in January with her friend Debbie Miles.

After falling in love with the country and its people, Heidi decided to join fellow Lions Club International volunteers as their UK representative in the challenge to raise funds for Kenya’s Amrita Centre which is home to 300 orphans.

Posting on her JustGiving page, Heidi said: “We in the UK and other developed countries all have our own pressures and struggles every day of our lives. So do these people but theirs is a struggle to feed their families and pay for their education. They don’t have free education as we do here. Some days it’s just a struggle to feed the children let alone provide clean water in some areas.”

Heidi is hoping to raise £10,000 and donations will be used to build four classrooms at the centre and to give children an opportunity for an education to enable them to get a job and to break the cycle of poverty.

The group sets off to tackle the summit on August 2 and if you would like to support her fundraising effort, please visit her JustGiving page.

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