Gathimba Edwards Foundation promotes Kenya house building project as the ‘perfect team building trip’

Gathimba Edwards Foundation Kenya trip
Project manager Darren Cocker has been to Kenya each time with Gathimba Edwards Foundation over the last 4 years. Photo: Instagram/gathimba_edwards

Aberdeen based Kenyan charity Gathimba Edwards Foundation have launched a fundraising appeal ahead of an upcoming trip to Kenya.

The charity will take a team abroad in October to build four new homes for families in need and volunteers are expected to raise about £15,000 for the initiative. However the total cost of the project will be around £42,000 and they are appealing for support from the general public.

The charity have also promoted their initiative as the ‘perfect team building trip’ and Project manager Darren Cocker, who has travelled to Kenya on each trip over the last 4 years, has explained how he has witnessed first-hand how it brings people together more importantly teams together.

“The charity has had companies send groups of people from all different departments along on the building trips in previous years, some of which had day to day dealings with but had never met. The result, a team with some common ground and now a friendship that only benefits the company and helps build a stronger team,” he explained.

For more information, you can email the charity or attend their information night tomorrow at 5.30pm (5 June) taking place at 155 St Vincent Street in Glasgow.

The charity are also hoping that members of the public will donate money towards the project to make sure they are able to build all the houses. If you would like to contribute to the fundraising effort, you can do so via the Gathimba Edwards Foundation GoFundMe page.

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