Customer fraudulently gives himself £1.3k refund from British shop and transfers money to Kenya before crime is noticed

Yumi Ice Cream Parlour
Some of the ice cream treats on sale at Nottingham’s the Yumi Ice Cream Parlour. Photo: Facebook

A Nottinghamshire shop owner has been left £1.3k out of pocket after a customer committed a fraud over an ice cream purchase.

According to Mohammed Abbas who has run the Yumi Ice Cream Parlour in Nottinghamshire for almost 10 years, the customer used the shop’s card machine to issue himself a refund.

He says the fraudster entered his shop around 5.30pm on April 26 and asked to pay for his £15.60 worth of ice cream goods by card.

After he was handed the machine to enter his pin, the customer cancelled the transaction and instead made three refund transactions amounting to £2,800 of which £1,300 was successful.

The fraud was only noticed when Abbas was cashing up and he contacted his bank, Barclays, which provided him with the card machine but has since been advised that the money was transferred to a Kenyan bank.

The shop owner says he is worried the bank aren’t taking enough action to recoup his money although Barclays have refunded half the amount lost as a ‘goodwill gesture’.

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