Facebook group helps raise £10,000 for British charity school project in Kenya

Nandi Schools Project
Duncan McDonald and his partner Petra Boecker. Photo: Facebook/Nandi Schools Project

A Marlow businessman who is working to build a school in Nandi has received a funding boost thanks to the help of a Facebook group.

The members of the “It’s a Marlow Thing” on the social networking site have helped Duncan McDonald and his partner Petra Boecker raise £10,000 which will be used to continue the building of the Kipsamoite Primary School and sponsorship for more than 50 children.

Duncan first came across the dilapidated school more than five years ago. Although villagers had started to refurbish the run-down school, the work had been abandoned after the project ran out of money. 

So Duncan and Petra begin working with the villagers and thanks to their fundraising efforts managed to get the Nandi Schools Project back on track.

Phase 1, completed in 2017, saw the building of two classrooms with temporary accommodation for the teachers. The second phase started in 2018 year with two more class rooms, an admin block, three offices, staff room and a second-floor library costing a little over £8,000.

The roof for phase 2 went up in December 2018 and fundraising to pay for the floor in the admin block, plastering inside and out, adding doors and windows and give the whole place a lick of paint has already exceeded its £1,000 target.

Every single penny raised goes to the project with none used to cover admin fees or other costs and if you would like to support this fundraising effort, please visit the Nandi School Project Crowdfunding page.

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