BATUK welcomes new Commander

Colonel Paul “Shove” Gilby
New BATUK Commander Colonel Paul “Shove” Gilby. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

After the departure of Colonel Nick Wood OBE, the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) have welcomed his replacement as Colonel Paul “Shove” Gilby took up his new post yesterday.

In 1991, Colonel Gilby was commissioned into the 1st Battalion the Worcestershire and Sherwood Forest Regiment after 2 years in the ranks. There, he served in a host of regimental appointments from Rifle Platoon Commander to Company Commander, before returning in Command and is the complete Mercian Officer, having served with all 4 Mercian Battalions

Colonel Gilby has completed 15 Operational tours between Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus and Afghanistan, including 2 tours with the ICTY in Bosnia and Kosovo, being awarded 5 Operational honours and awards for his service through these tours.

He has served two tours as a Company Commander, initially in the Armoured Infantry role with 1 Staffords deploying on Op Palentine in Kosovo where he established and ran the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Task Force for 12 Mech Brigade. His external staff appointments have included SO2 O&D Commitments HQ LAND and SO2 J2 Plans & CT at PJHQ where he deployed extensively across Africa on Operation Contest, Operation Monogram, the Balkans on Op Agricola and Palentine, Kuwait on Operation Brockdale and Afghanistan on Op Herrick.

Col Gilby was selected for promotion while at Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), his initial SO1 (Protection Officer) appointment was SO1 G7 Training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst prior to taking command of 2 Mercian in Belfast on 01 Aug 2012.

Prior to his BATUK appointment, Colonel Gilby was Commander Field Training Unit in the United Kingdom and will shortly be joined in Kenya by his wife Kaye and 2 sons George and Henry.

Speaking after his arrival, Colonel Gilby said: “It’s great to be returning to Kenya – I have many fond memories from previous visits and look forward to my family joining me. I’m thrilled with the development of Nyati Barracks and as staunch fan of continuous development, this infrastructure will provide a stepped change for the future”.

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