Norfolk students return from volunteer trip to Nakuru

Norfolk students in Nakuru
Students from the College of West Anglia volunteered at Mama Kerry in Nakuru.

A team of students from West Norfolk have returned from Kenya after carrying out voluntary work with an educational charity.

As part of the National Citizenship Service (NCS) programme, six students from the College of West Anglia King’s Lynn campus spent two weeks working with the Mama Kerry Hope Academy.

Abbey Tyrrel, Ryan Lynch, Xena Govett, Jade Pratt, Pheobe Blandford, and Lynn Fuller all worked on a project to improve the learning environment for youngsters.

The Nakuru charity runs a school, providing free education and meals for around 150 youngsters between the ages of three and 15who are either orphans or come from single parent families.

This trip was organised by African Adventures, a volunteer travel company that organises life-changing experiences for people from across the UK.

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