Deputy UK High Commissioner discusses new social enterprise investment fund

Susie Kitchens discusses social enterprise funding
Susie Kitchens speaking at the social enterprise investment fund meeting. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

Yesterday, British Deputy High Commissioner Susie Kitchens was among the speakers at a validation meeting for an impact investment fund feasibility study.

For the event at the Radisson Blu hotel in Nairobi, Ms Kitchens joined the British Council Kenya, Ashoka East Africa and Climate Innovation Centre CEO Edward Mungai to discuss the next step toward establishing a new Impact!Africa investment fund.

It is hoped the initiative will make $100m of funding available to support 100,000 social enterprises which will in turn create half a million jobs and upskill around 750,000 young people.

Addressing attendees at the meeting, Ms Kitchens said it was an exciting time to be in Kenya with its international appeal as a ‘Silicon Savannah’ and reputation for bright disruptive innovators.

“We are part of your innovation story. Through our high level Science Board with the Education Ministry, we steward £100m of UK Science and Research funding in Kenya,” she said.

“The UK wants to be part of your bright future. We want to be built into your ecosystems…….we want you to build a country that is strong stable and prosperous partner for the UK.

“The UK gov. has introduced policy instruments to support social enterprise and impact investors to support Sub-Sahara Africa, and with Kenya having a 4.2 Billion dollar impact investment creates a wealth of opportunities,” she added.

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