Kenyan charity volunteer set to become first Miss Universe GB headscarf wearing contestant

Farhia Ali
Miss Universe GB contestant Farhia Ali. Photo: Vibe Mail

A Somali born Londoner who volunteers for charity work both at home and in Kenya is set to become the first Miss Universe Great Britain contestant to wear a headscarf in the competition.

24-year-old Business account manager Farhia Ali, who moved to the UK from Somalia as a child, will join 39 other entrants in the July competition hoping to represent the UK in the Miss Universe finals.

Speaking ahead of the competition, Ms Ali said she often travels back to Kenya where most of her family live. There she volunteers with women in the community and advocates for the end of FGM and forced marriage. 

“Seeing the devastation in the rural areas showed me that living in the UK our education, wellbeing and future are prioritised,” she said.

“The importance of education has motivated me to want a better education for young women, young mothers and victims of FGM and forced marriages,” Farhia added.

Ms Ali will fundraise for A-Sisterhood, a not-for-profit organisation supporting female-related causes in the UK and overseas.

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