Increased annual revenue and smaller pre-tax loss reported by Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways Boeing 777-200ER
Kenya Airways Boeing 777-200ER (5Y-KYZ) taking off from London Heathrow Airport. Photo: Adrian Pingstone (Phone used under the Creative Commons licence)

Kenya Airways yesterday reported a rise in annual revenue while trimming its pretax loss.

The airline, which has changed to a calendar year from a financial year ending March 31, reported revenue of Ksh114.45 billion for the 12 months to December 31, up from Ksh106.17 billion the previous year. Pre-tax losses were reduced by Ksh1.85 billion to Ksh7.59 billion

Kenya Airways’ chairman, Michael Joseph, also revealed the company has not considered switching its future plane orders to Airbus following Boeing’s 737-MAX jet crisis, despite airlines and regulators around the world last month grounding the 737-Max planes after two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

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