Left over race packs under starters orders to be used as school bags for Nakuru children

Wilmslow Half Marathon
Wilmslow Half Marathon. Photo: Facebook

Waters Wilmslow Half Marathon organisers have donated left over race bags to children in Kenya to use as school bags.

Last August, a group of 13 rangers, young leaders and leaders went on a two-week self-funded trip to Nakuru, teaching children English, maths and science as well as playing games in a non-government primary school called The Walk. The volunteers also supported the school’s feeding programme and took clothes and educational resources out with them.

The pupils live in temporary shacks on the local town dumpsite. With plastic bags outlawed in Kenya, Wilmslow Distruct Rangers leader, Lesley Saunders asked the half marathon organisers if they could use any left over race bags to help transport resources for the school. These bags were then left so the children could use them as school bags!

Lesley and her husband are travelling to Kenya again in August and will be visiting the Nakuru school, taking more bags with them from this year’s race.

“The bags are empty, but the children will be able to put them to very good use. These children have so very little and the school provides them with an opportunity to have more life choices as they grow up. I taught in the top class and the students were so diligent even though it was their summer holidays. Some of them even had to care for baby siblings and attend classes,” she said.

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