Suella Braverman uses newspaper article to respond to David Lammy’s ERG comments

British MP of Kenyan descent, Suella Braverman, has used her article in the Telegraph article to hit back at comments made by Labour MP David Lammy attacking those who support leaving the European Union.

Appearing on BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Mr Lammy was asked if his previous comparison of the European Research Group (ERG), to the former racist rulers of South Africa and even to the Nazis had been a little over the top. In Mr Lammy’s extraordinary response, he not only continued to compare the present political situation with the most criminal political regime in human history, he went even further by saying his comparison of the ERG to the Nazis was ‘not strong enough’.

Responding to these comments, Ms Braverman who is a former chairman of the ERG said she was ‘saddened’ to hear Mr Lammy repeat his ‘shrill attacks’. and asks how her enthusiasm for free trade agreements with the United States or Australia can in any way be “connected to the prejudicial treatment of black South Africans under Apartheid.” She goes on to say that she believes UK courts, not the European Court of Justice, should have the last say on British legal matters and asks what part of that constitutes “hard-right fascism”.

Ms Braverman goes on to discuss free movement and mentions her own parents who emigrated to the UK from Kenya in the sixties.

She again says that it should be the UK government which determines immigration policy and that having this view does “not make her a racist”.

“Just as my parents emigrated to this country in the Sixties and have made a valuable contribution here, so I want the UK to welcome migrants after we leave the EU. The change I seek is for UK politicians, not the EU, to decide. The problem with EU free-movement rules is that the UK has no say on who and how many people may come here. As a result many people have felt that uncontrolled migration can exert pressures on communities and resources. Saying so in no way implies support for the KKK,” she says.

You can read the full article on the Telegraph website (£).

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