Soft opening ceremony held for proposed new LPG facility at the Comarco Port

Comarco Port soft opening
The occasion was attended by high level dignitaries from both regional and central government, as well as representatives from the British High Commission.

Further to the announcement made by London listed Anglo African Agriculture plc (AAA) on 12 November 2018 concerning the advancement of a $1,000,000 loan to the privately-owned, Kenyan-based port and marine logistics group, the Comarco Group, the Board of AAA announced yesterday (16 April) that a soft opening ceremony for the new 11,000 metric tonnes LPG import and storage facility, constructed on the privately owned Comarco Port, has taken place. 

The first phase of the Mansa East Africa Terminal (a development project owned by large international LPG trading and transportation company Petredec Group and their local Kenyan partners, Rift Gas) will be an 11,000 metric tonnes LPG import and storage facility in Mombasa, Kenya constructed on the privately owned Comarco Port.

This state-of-the-art Mounded LPG terminal will be supplied by a floating storage vessel moored at Comarco’s port. Benefitting from Petredec’s worldwide presence and Rift Gas’s Kenyan roots, Mansa’s LPG terminal is the gateway for competitively priced LPG to flow into an integrated network of distribution depots and supply points across East Africa.

Comarco Port
Comarco Port in Mombasa, Kenya. Photo: Comarco Group

By early 2020, reliable and timely deliveries of gas from Petredec, the world’s largest independent LPG trader, will arrive in Mombasa, providing Kenya and the entire region with a safe, cost effective energy solution. Petredec will invest over KSH 5 billion (approximately US$50 million) into the LPG terminal and regional downstream assets. The facility will comprise 4 x 250 metric tonne tanks and a floating vessel in phase 1.

David Lenigas, Non-Executive Chairman, commented; “One of AAA’s primary reasons for becoming involved with Comarco is based on the Company’s belief that ports are long term growth assets and this particular port is of considerable strategic importance to East Africa. We believe that the construction of this LPG facility adds further weight to this view. In addition to Petredec’s large financial commitment to the LPG facility and their belief that Mombasa is a strategic access point into East Africa, major oil and gas companies continue to develop their substantial new off-shore discoveries along the coast of East Africa further providing additional port and marine logistics opportunities for the Comarco Group.” 

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