Former West Brom coach returns from ‘humbling’ Kenya trip

Darren Moore in Kenya
Former West Bromwich Albion coach Darren Moore visited Ronaken School in Nakuru during his trip to Kenya. Photo: Inspire Afrika

Former West Bromwich Albion head coach Darren Moore, who was dismissed by the club after a run of one point in three games, has returned from a ‘humbling’ trip to Kenya.

Rather than staying in the UK feeling sorry for himself, the 44-year-old headed out to Nakuru for a five-day trip in his role as ambassador for charity Inspire Afrika.

Darren Moore in Kenya
Darren Moore visited Kenya with Inspire Afrika. Photo: Inspire Afrika

Moore spent three days visiting the Ronaken School in Nakuru as well as making a short trip to the notorious Giotto Dump – a rubbish mountain from which some youngsters are forced to scavenge daily survival.

Darren Moore in Kenya
Today’s lesson is being taken by Darren Moore. Photo: Inspire Afrika

The football hardman described the experience as “humbling”, adding that “it puts our day-to-day lives back home into context.”

He went on to say that we can all get caught up with what we are doing in our everyday lives and as a result don’t give enough thought to people who are suffering around the world.

Darren Moore in Kenya
Former Baggies’ coach Darren Moore with some of the children he met in Kenya. Photo: Inspire Afrika

Inspire Afrika have targeted a fundraising appeal for just £3-a-week from supporters which is enough to cover daily schooling and food for a youngster.

Darren Moore in Kenya
Darren Moore readies for s selfies with some of the children he met on his visit to Kenya. Photo: Inspire Afrika

The charity’s founder Sallyann Wright, who accompanied Moore on the trip, said that the former footballer had been supportive of their work for a long time now and they are hoping this won’t be his last visit.

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