Homes for Scotland team set to work on latest Habitat for Humanity project in Homa Bay

Homes for Scotland in Homa Bay 2019
Some of the Homes for Scotland team in Homa Bay with Habitat for Humanity. Photo: Instagram/murrayh3nd3rson

The Homes for Scotland Team, working with Habitat for Humanity are currently in Kenya working on their latest house building project. The team arrived on Saturday and head back to the UK this Sunday.

Habitat from Humanity’s partnership with Homes for Scotland began in 2016 and this year, the team have gone to Homa Bay.

In this area of the country, the majority of the population live in homes with grass thatched roofs, that have been constructed from a combination of either mud and wood, or mud and concrete.

Homes for Scotland in Homa Bay 2019
John Midgley with 84-year-old Mama Saline. Photo: Instagram/murrayh3nd3rson

After a delayed arrival, the team, led by John Midgley, went straight to Homa Bay and on their first full day, met 84-year-old Mama Saline and her grandchildren who they will be building the home for. The children were left without a home after their parent tragically passed away.

You can follow updates from the team on Twitter and Instagram.

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