British student hoping to raise funds to adapt wheelchair following volunteer mission in Kenya

Ongata Rongai Special Care Needs and Training Centre
Yenita Singer at the Ongata Rongai Special Care Needs and Training Centre in Kenya.

A University student from Bangor, who is looking for local support for a project helping children with disabilities in East Africa has raised just under £1,000 to date towards her total.

24 year-old final year Learning Disability student nurse Yenita Singer spent two weeks last year at the Ongata Rongai Special Care Needs and Training Centre in Kenya which is home to around 20 children. The centre has no running water, limited resources and the youngsters are unable to leave due to their physical disabilities.

Her main project is to adapt a wheelchair so it is suitable for the off-road terrain of the roads in Kenya which will cost just over £500.

“The staff work hard but many things we consider a neccessity are a luxury for them. For example standard wheelchairs are not suitable because the road are uneven, made worse by the rainy season so many of the children do not have the chance to leave the centre. This is why I am hoping to adapt a wheelchair to be suitable for the roads in Kenya, able to be fitted to any of the children for use. This could mean that not only can the children leave the centre, but they will be able to made medical appointments should they fall ill,” Yenita said.

Money raised above the cost of the wheelchair will go towards a dentist’s visit, health care appointments, toothbrushes, shoes and towels for postural care.

“I would be so grateful for any financial support for this. It really will make a difference to these children’s lives. I am aiming to return to Kenya again in the future,” she said.

To support her fundraising initiative, please visit her JustGiving page.

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