Professor Nic Cheeseman completes London run in memory of Kenyan lawyer

Nic Cheeseman London Landmarks Half Marathon
Professor Nic Cheeseman during the 2019 London Landmarks Half Marathon. Photos: Twitter/PBIUK

Professor of Democracy at University of Birmingham Nic Cheeseman, successfully completed the London Landmarks Half Marathon last Sunday. Nic ran in the memory of Kenyan lawyer Peter Wanyama Wanyonyi and is aiming to raise £350 for PBI UK.

Peter Wanyama Wanyonyi was a Kenyan lawyer in Western Province, who was ambushed at the gate of his house and shot dead in a premeditated murder in 2013.

Nic wrote about Peter’s death in a Daily Nation article in the same year. The reason behind the killing of Nic’s friend and colleague is still unknown because, according to the academic, “his death has not been seriously investigated.”

“The history of similar murders in Kenya suggests that we may never know the full details. Few people doubt that he was assassinated for political reasons. But many people had a reason to want him out of the way, because he was willing to represent those who rights had been abused. If Wanyama died because of his determination to improve the lives of fellow Kenyans, he was not the first and he will likely not be the last,” Nic said.

PBI UK, the cause Nic is fundraising for, provides life-saving support to human rights defenders in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so on Nic’s JustGiving page.

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