British MP of Kenyan descent criticised for using term ‘Cultural Marxism’ during meeting

Suella Fernandes
Suella Fernandes. Photo: Facebook

A former Brexit minister and leading Conservative MP, who has a Kenyan mother, has been criticised for using the term “Cultural Marxism”.

During a meeting in Central London yesterday, Suella Braverman said that her party was engaged in “a fight against Cultural Marxism” being led by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“As Conservatives, we are engaged in a battle against Cultural Marxism,” she said.

“I’m very worried about this ongoing creep of Cultural Marxism which has come from Jeremy Corbyn.”

In contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to an anti-semitic conspiracy theory which claims that the Frankfurt School is part of an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture.

Asked by journalist Dawn Foster why she used the term, Braverman insisted that she was only trying to prevent further attacks on the “British genius.”

“We have a culture evolving from the far left which is about snuffing out freedom of speech, freedom of thought. No one can get offended anymore. We are living in a culture where we are putting everybody in cotton wool. Our risk-averse mentalities are taking over,” she said.

“And that instinct for freedom, for risk-taking, for making a mistake, for innovation, for creativity is being killed. And it’s absolutely damaging for our spirit as British people and our genius – that British genius,” the MP added.

Braverman is a leading member of the European Research Group of anti-EU Conservative MPs and resigned as parliamentary under-Secretary at the Department for Exiting the European Union in protest at Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement.

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