Study concludes that Kenyan average is perfect temperature for humans

Nest Thermostat
Nest Thermostat. Photo: Nest

A study has concluded that people living in Western countries such as the UK and Ireland are setting their thermostats to 25°C in an unconscious attempt to recreate the conditions of their ancient human ancestors in Kenya.

The research which measured the temperature in 37 households for more than a year, discovered the favoured average indoor temperature of those living in the West was similar to Kenya’s climate, which averages 25°C (77F).

Study Lead, Dr Michael Just said: “We tend to attempt to recreate the conditions from which we evolved, before we had the ability to make homes — the ones to which we our physiologies are adapted.”

Volunteers put devices on shelves and bookcases in their homes which recorded temperature and humidity measurements every hour and these showed the average indoor temperature across the seasons hit 25.35°C.

This is less than a third of a degree away from the average outdoor temperature which is 25.06°C in west central Kenya.

Researchers led by North Carolina State University said that the results could indicate people are trying to recreate the conditions in the region where our human ancestors came from.

The reason for this may well be evolutionary, indicating that this climate could be the one best suited to human beings.

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