British Council launch ‘Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth’ programme in Kenya

Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth British Council programme in Kenya
The British Council launch the Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth programme. Photo: Twitter/Nendo254

An initiative to promote Kenya’s cultural heritage has been launched by the British Council.

At yesterday’s press briefing in Nairobi, the British Council Kenya Country Director Jill Coates introduced the Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth two-year pilot programme which is being rolled out with local partners in the country.

“The programme aims to promote both social engagement and a wider understanding of the key role that Kenya’s diverse cultural heritage can play as a valuable contributor to economic growth, stimulating tourism, creating jobs and enhancing the investment climate,” Coates said.

In addition, Ms Coates explained that the programme will offer seed grants and skills training to individuals, groups, communities and organizations which are working in creative enterprises in order to support cultural heritage, in the fields of music, film, fashion, crafts, gaming and performing arts.

Kenya was chosen for this pilot programme as a demonstrable need for the initiative was identified along with there being opportunities for strong partnerships as well as the British Council having the capacity and infrastructure on the ground to deliver the programme in a people-centric way.

Columbia and Vietnam have also been selected for the pilot programme which is designed to promote local cultural heritage as an important contributor to social cohesion and economic growth across all levels of society.

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