Susie Kitchens joins speakers at the 2019 Sankalp Africa Summit in Nairobi

Susie Kitchens Sankalp Africa Summit
Susie Kitchens joined the award presentations during the Sankalp Africa Summit. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

Deputy British High Commissioner to Kenya, Susie Kitchens took part in an awards ceremony yesterday during the Sankalp Africa Summit 2019.

Over a thousand attendees including 400 entrepreneurs, a third of which are women, are attending the event at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies in Nairobi.

Speaking as she gave an award to the second runner up, Ms Kitchens said “We are proud of our forward leaning policies to foster enterprise and entrepreneurs with social and environmental positive outcomes.”

Later in the afternoon, Ms Kitchens joined a discussion titled ‘Reaching the Tipping Point for Impact Investing’ with GSG Market Development Director Krisztina Tora, UN Senior Advisor Arif Neky, Venture Capital Trust Fund General Manager Hamdiya Ismaila and NABII Zambia Taskforce Chairman Dr Austin Kaputo Mwape.

The talks explored how thousands of key stakeholders from the impact field are working in their respective countries to build conducive ecosystems for impact investment and how building National Advisory Boards (NABs) can accelerate impact creation.

Panelists also looked the opportunity which Kenya and other African countries have to become true Impact Nations and attractive platforms for investors committed to Africa and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through engaging diverse players in dialogue, developing policy recommendations and implementing a range of innovative financial instruments.

Speaking during the session, while discussing the tipping point for impact investments, Ms Kitchens said that “the UK will continue to partner with Kenya in coming up with development projects that are sustainable and have social and environmental impact.

“‘It is all about collaboration from all players and not competition,” she added.

Susie Kitchens Sankalp Africa Summit
Susie Kitchens speaking alongside other panelists during the Sankalp Africa Summit in Nairobi. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

The Deputy High Commissioner is also taking part in today’s Main Plenary titled ‘Inverting the Pyramid – Scaling Millions of Women Entrepreneurs‘. She will again be joined by Ms Ismaila as well as African Women in Agricultural Research (AWARD) Director Dr Wanjiri Kamau-Rutenberg and International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Director Dr Kathryn Toure.

This session will explore how to move beyond a linear thinking of gender inclusion and design interventions that create women as successful managers and entrepreneurs to takle the SDGs.

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