Former England cricketer helps launch Kenya cricket hub

Nick Compton in Kenya
Former England Cricketer Nick Compton joined KOY Clothing founder Jimmy Scott to launch a new cricket hub in Kawangware.

Former England cricketer Nick Compton has helped to launch a new cricket hub in Kawangware.

Nick is a former first-class cricketer who played for Middlesex. The grandson of Denis Compton, he represented England in 16 Test matches during his career.

This was Nick’s first time to Kenya, but having grown up in South Africa with a father who was very involved with nature and conservation, he has spent a lot of time in developing areas.

“I’ve seen first hand what cricket can do for people, and I talk personally about the wonderful opportunities I’ve had to meet people and learn some invaluable skills along the way,” he said.

“Seeing the children in the slums was eye opening, but refreshing to see the enthusiasm, enjoyment and eagerness to learn. What EACDT are doing is amazing and I hope to continue to support them in the future,” he added.

KOY Clothing in Kenya
British Fashion Brand KOY clothing is donating 5% of their turnover to a programme that helps build character amongst school children in Kenya.

The England batsman was joined for the launch by fashion company co-founder Jimmy Scott. His company, KOY Clothing, are a responsible British Fashion Brand who have announced they are donating 5 per cent of their turnover to a programme that helps build character amongst school children in Kenya, through East Africa Character Development Trust (EACDT).

EACDT is dedicated to improving the lives of the children of East Africa through character education. With many living below the poverty line, no free secondary education and high youth unemployment, the importance of a good education to any child’s future is paramount.

KOY Clothing in Kenya
The scheme is being run through the East Africa Character Development Trust.

Using a syllabus inspired by the work of the world renowned KIPP Foundation in the USA, the EACDT has developed an innovative programme that marries cricket and character education.


KOY Clothing

KOY Clothing is run by two brothers, Alastair and Jimmy Scott who both attended Banda School in Langata.They then studied at Millfield School in UK after the family spent 8 years in Cape Town, when their father was working for the UK Department for International Development (DfID). Both their parents still live in Kenya.

Alastair and Jimmy Scott KOY Clothing
KOY Clothing co-founders, Alastair & Jimmy Scott.

“We were raised in Africa and now have an ambition to help support the indigenous cultures of Kenya through luxury fashion,” the brothers say on their website.

“Growing up in East Africa and going to school in the UK put us in a unique position to incorporate both worlds, and help support the country we grew up in and love so much. 

“Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and the stunning fabrics used by the Kenyan people, put together with the UK’s quintessential fashions and lifestyles, inspired us to combine authentic African fabric with luxury lifestyle, and give back to Kenya in the process.

“Since the official launch of KOY Clothing in December 2016, we have learned so much, and with greater knowledge, comes greater responsibility. The more we learned about cultural influences in fashion, we realised that many brands around the world use cultural inspirations within their designs.

“Sadly, not all of those brands give recognition to the cultures which inspired them. This was a chance for us to try and change this mindset and demonstrate to others the value of cultural inspiration. We do this by giving 5% of every purchase to projects within the communities of Kenya that our products are inspired by.”

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