Rotary grant funds WellBoring water supplies for Kenyan communities

Wellboring well opening
Chippenham Rotary Club members and WellBoring representatives mark the opening of the first of thirteen wells to be sponsored by the club.

Seven members of the Rotary Club of Chippenham have returned from a trip to Kisumu where they attended the opening of one of 13 new wells to be sponsored by a £65,000 grant from the Rotary Foundation.

Made in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Kisumu, the grant included donations from six other Rotary clubs from around the world who worked with British charity WellBoring to provide clean water to rural schools.

Chippenham based WellBoring was founded after Colin Brown and Graeme Vousden decided to fix a Kenyan school’s water problem. They were on an Extraordinary Leadership Journey organised by Nigel Linacre and Jefferson Cann and the charity’s first water project was completed in August 2011.

WellBoring founding trustee Graeme Vousden, a business coach and father, manages the charity’s operations along with organising and coordinating project delivery and fund raising activities. He worked with the UK government Department for Education in successfully making changes to the school admissions process, leading to fairer access to school for summer born premature children in England. Graeme is also a civil engineer and has worked in construction, manufacturing and rail. 

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