Cheshire teachers gearing up to visit partner schools in Kenya as part of Connecting Classrooms initiative

Cheshire teachers in Kenya 2016
Teaching staff from Cheshire set off for Kenya from Manchester Airport in 2016. Photo: Facebook/theegertonschoolsfoundation

Staff from a Knutsford Primary School are heading out to Kenya next month for a 10 day visit alongside fellow Cheshire teachers. 

For the teachers from Egerton Primary, this latest visit to their sister school in the Njoro district in the Rift Valley, will be the latest chapter in their global learning partnership.

The two schools are closely linked. Egerton Primary School in Knutsford was established by Lord Wilbraham Egerton of the Tatton Estate in 1893 and his nephew, Maurice Egerton, founded the link school in Kenya in 1939.

However, despite this connection, the schools were unaware of each other until 2005. But since then, both have worked tirelessly to forge strong links through project work and exchange visits.

As a result, the partnership that exists between Egerton Kenya and Egerton Knutsford is unique. Their shared heritage, along with the strong relationship that exists between the head teachers and staff at both schools, has created a strong and vibrant partnership that is deeply embedded in all that is done at both learning establishments.

To promote and build the special relationship with Egerton Primary School Njoro, the Egerton Schools’ Foundation, a registered charity that aims to promote an equitable, enriched and sustainable approach to the high-quality global education of children in both schools was set up.

Egerton Primary is leading on supporting 35 Cheshire schools in the new Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning Programme, which is funded by the British Council and Department for International Development (DfID).

For this latest visit, the school will be joined by staff from Knutsford Academy along with Wincham, Gawsworth, Weaverham Forest and Little Leigh primary schools. Representatives from each school will be joining the teaching teams in their respective partner schools in Njoro for the programme which is designed to embed a strong approach to global learning in schools.

Within the 35 schools taking part in the programme, there are six local working hubs with Knutsford’s including Egerton Primary School, Knutsford Academy, St Vincent’s Catholic, Mobberley CE, High Legh and Lindow Community primary schools.

These schools will spend the next year engaging with their community and exploring lifestyle behaviours with them to make the world more sustainable.

Each UK and Kenyan school participating in the programme must collect evidence of their work as it develops and as the Cheshire cluster of schools is the largest in the programme, the British Council has asked the group to develop a case study of its work that can be shared among other working groups on a national scale.

Egerton Kenya pupils
Some of the pupils from Egerton Primary School in Kenya. Photo: Facebook/theegertonschoolsfoundation

Next month’s visit to Kenya will focus on supporting pupils in the UK and Kenya in learning about sustainable development goals, with an emphasis on quality education and gender equality.

These topics form part of the children’s learning in all the participating schools in the UK, and lesson plans will be repeated with children in Njoro on the visit to Kenya. Later this year Kenyan teachers from the partner schools will visit the UK.

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