Fake Kenyan passport among documents supplied to Sun investigators by criminal gang in London

Kenyan Passport
Kenyan Passport

British newspaper The Sun have published the findings of a six-month investigation into a criminal gang who are providing illegal immigrants in the UK with fake passports and documents which could have allowed them to secure employment caring for vulnerable people.

For just £400, the newspaper reports that the criminals were able to supply a ‘full package’ of counterfeit documents, including a Kenyan passport, UK residency permit, National Insurance letter and utility bills all under a false name.

The Kenyan passport, under the fake name James Nakhuba, was couriered from Kenya to the UK hidden inside a child’s colouring book.

Posing as an undocumented migrant, an investigator from the newspaper made contact with a staff member at Reliable Care Services (RCS) based in Chadwell Heath, East London, who acted as a fixer and put them in contact with others who could provide the illicit identity papers.

RCS supplies staff to care organisations including Mencap, and by providing fake documents, vulnerable clients could have been put at risk by staff whose real criminal records were unchecked. It could also mean that illegal workers could avoid spot checks by Immigration Enforcement officers.

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