Unilever reveal details of tea suppliers showing ‘large amount’ grown in Kenya

Kenya Tea Production
Kenya Tea Production. Photo: Kenya Information Guide / Kenya Tea.

Following eight months’ of pressure on top tea brands by Traidcraft Exchange and its ‘Who Picks My Tea’ campaign, Unilever have become the latest company to reveal details of its tea suppliers.

The company, which also owns Lipton, Lyons and Scottish Blend, has published a full online list of its global tea sources.

“A large amount of our tea is grown in our own plantations in Kenya and Tanzania,” the company said. The rest is bought “directly from large tea producers, auctions or via brokers,” it adds.

Unilever went on to underline the importance of knowing “where our tea comes from as this is the starting point for any action that makes a positive impact where it matters most.”

The first team brand to publish its suppliers’ details was Yorkshire Tea in July 2018, followed by ABF’s Twinnings, Clipper and Tata’s Tetley.

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