British company directors facing Ksh 120 million claim from Safaricom

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Safaricom are seeking permission to serve court papers on the British directors of a UK based telecommunications firm that the Kenyan company say owes them Ksh120 milllion.

After folding up its Kenyan operations, iPhone Global Systems’ directors, Steven James Moran and Leslie Thompson had reportedly left the country without Safaricom’s knowledge and subsequently filed bankruptcy proceedings in the British courts. 

According to documents filed in the Kenya court, the two companies had a relationship that dates back to 2006 when they agreed to every month harmonise the bills for calls that had been terminated across the systems, and the company that had placed more cross-network calls was to pay the difference.

Safaricom claim that iphone Global had always paid its bill on time until early 2017 when it started defaulting, leading to Safaricom terminating the cross network services in March, 2018.

They added that attempts to locate the company at its Westland’s Office Park address proved futile as they were informed they were no longer tenants there.

High Court Judge James Makau on Thursday allowed Safaricom to inform the company of the pending suit against it by placing an advertisement in a local daily newspaper.

To allow it to join the bankruptcy proceedings in the British courts, Safaricom pleaded with court for speedy determination of its claim.

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